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Diseases Carried by Bats

One of the main concerns that people have especially related to the Pennsylvania bat is the possibility of spreading diseases. The lucky part is the fact that the diseases that affect the Philadelphia bat or that can be carried by bas are quite rare and few too. The major concerns are the possibilities of lung disease called Histoplasmosis and it can be gotten from the guano of the bat. There is also the rabies virus that can be transmitted from bites of a Pennsylvania bat that is infected and in the virulent stage.

Bat guano:
The Pennsylvania bat guano is a possible host for the fungus that is called histoplasma capsulatum which causes the lung disease. This leads to a disease called Histoplasmosis to the people. This disease can infect a human when they breathe the spores that are found within the droppings of thePhiladelphia bats including others. Such droppings may have to be quite some years old. An infected person falls sick and may have mild-high fever that is as associated with aches in the muscles. Respiratory issues may also result. It is very dangerous for infants as well as people whose immunity is low. It is a rare disease to catch but that doesnt mean it is impossible to catch.

The symptoms:
The symptoms can be totally absent or they may be very serious. Usually, they present themselves after some days or a maximum of two weeks a fever one comes into contact with the spores. There are people who have no symptoms and they may never realize that they have the disease. Symptoms may be mild and may resemble flu symptoms. Mild symptoms include things such as chest pain, cough, aching joints, a mild fever and chills. These symptoms may go for a couple of weeks. In some cases, the symptoms don’t go away at all and this may lead to a lung infection that is chronic. The symptoms of a lung infection which is chronic may include the shortness of breath, serious chest pain, deep cough with bloody phlegm, and even high fever. On very rare occasions, the immune system may be able to react to infections and this can cause a swelling from the inflammation and irritation. This can also cause chest pain die to a swelling around your heart.

One of the main concerns that people should know is that Pennsylvania bats do transmit rabies to the humans. Less than one percent of the bats have the rabies virus they do transmit it. It is very difficult to say that a colony within you home has the virus or not. Of a Philadelphia bat shows signs of weakness or is found in the day, there is a great likelihood that it actually has rabies.

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