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Due to the temperatures and insulation in the attic, Philadelphia mice find the place a good breeding ground. It’s mostly from this region do mice spread to other places in the house in search of food. Nevertheless depending on the items you have stored or placed in the attic mice do tend to cause a lot of damage. In the first instance mice living and breeding in the attic will produce lots of droppings and many a times this droppings tend to really stink due to the warmth that tends to fire up the stinky smell, if not cleaned the smell can spread to other parts of the house. The droppings can give a person headache to clean, as one will have to do this chore in about every two days. Depending on the kind of attic cleaning can be very difficult especially reaching the dark tight corners where the mice love.

With so many wires having been possibly laid in the attic, Philadelphia mice have been known to chew the plastic coating exposing live electrical wires that can be dangerous. When exposed electric wires can short circuit that in turn might damage all electric appliances in the house. Pennsylvania mice also chew upon other plastic materials such as those covering gas pipes which can be costly in repairs or replacement. Depending on the kind of insulation laid down in the attic mice do tend to use this material in making their breeding nests. This causes irregular insulation of the house. The insulation has to be changed if mixed with the mice droppings. This can be really costly at the end of the day if the mice are not dealt with one will end up spending thousands of dollars in repairs and changing of insulation.

The scratching and other noises that Philadelphia mice make can be a headache; they tend to extend hours unending. At night when they are more active mice can really affect someone’s sleep. The noises made by mice at night scare little children, not forgetting that the noise in the attic will be throughout the day and night those working from home will not be spared either. The chewing away of wood perhaps used in building the attic can be problematic as this can weaken the house structure especially if the mice attack several key points of the house. Pennsylvania mice have been known to chew hard materials to prevent their teeth from over growing.

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