Are opossums good pets?

Humans love animals and this is whymost of us keep on trying to adapt friends from the Pennsylvania wild. However, sometimes it is not so nice to take an animal into captivity as they are not sohappy there. Philadelphia opossums are very cute animals but you can note that they are at their best when in the wild. When we find opossums that are orphaned, the first thing we consider is toraise them as our own pets. This is an illegal thing to do unless you have a Pennsylvania permit from wildlife rehabilitation. If you find a helpless baby opossums, it can be raised until it reaches such an age that it can be released into the wild. This would have given the animal an equal chance of survival after taking care of it during infancy. Opossums aren’t so great whenthey are in captivity and when you try to convert it to a pet, it can be a process that is very heartbreaking and expensive at the same time.

So as to keep it as a pet, you require a permit from the state of Pennsylvania. This depends on where you live and so it is always advisable to find out more before taking in the opossum.

The Philadelphia opossum is omnivorous by nature meaning that it can eat different kinds of foods in the night rounds that it makes. It can eat snails, insects, pests, plants, grass and even fruit. At times the opossum can also feed on mice and rats and even road kills. Pet food isalso a favorite. It is very hard to find such a diet that shows the diversity of the meals of the opossum so as to meet all the requirements and remain in a healthy balance. Poor diet can lead to disease which can be fatal.

Life expectancy
Pennsylvania opossums lifespan is very shortand it is around three years or even less when they are in the wild. This is because they have to deal with predators. They can live twice as long whenthey are in captivity especially when they have the proper diet form a keeper who is qualified. Youmay invest money, time and emotions on an animal that won’t be around for such a long time.

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